The Climate is very Fickle


Spring Beech Woodland

Fickle is definitely the word for Spring weather this season.  Temperatures swing from record highs (for the time of year) to low’s that would be more acceptable in mid winter. Overall it has been a mild winter and spring , wet at times and now very dry.  All this has sent shockwaves through the new growth of spring with some surprising results…..some spring flowers which should still be in full bloom have finished for the season. whilst others that have just started to show.

This morning I headed for the Beech Woods.  They are only 8 miles away, the same latitude and about 100 meters higher, but they are some way behind our local woods.  The leaves are bursting but only just and predominantly on the sheltered side….. just another indicator of the fickle nature of our weather. You could in places be fooled into thinking it was autumn but no it is spring…

DSC_7251_00006-bb One reason for our visit is to capture the Bluebells, a favourite locations with vast carpets of thick blue flowers of spring.


There are indeed some sheltered areas where the Bluebells are on display but they still hold the promise of more to come…


In our woods the Daffodils have long gone but here there is still the odd batch of Daffs adding variety to the Bluebell display…


But there are still some surprises….the first of this seasons Rhododendron is in bloom, big and blousy yet also managing to be delicate in its shades of pink….


In another corner a Perris bush is putting on a grand display of colour and form.  Apart from the familiar green and fire red leaves this one also sports some magnificent yellow cream floral bell flowers, delicately draped from top to bottom….


On the sheltered side of the wood it is quite a contrast and a sign of what is ahead.  The woodland canopy is thicker and will soon drown out the understore till autumn come around again.


22nd April

(C) David Oakes 2017