Spring Sunshine…..


Clematis Flower…

Less than a week ago the Clematis was no more than some buds of promise…remember these….

18 Clematis

Well just look at them now….

Elsewhere and hiding in one dark corner, now fighting for light, is this Snow Flake flower. Normally they have bloomed and gone by now, not this year they are one of the this years slow starters.  Not sure we are going to have the usual full display…


The Woodland canopy is now filling out, casting dark shadows over the ground below.  Not good news for our Bluebells.


Bluebells always have a race against time.  Dormant for most of the year you would not know they were there.  Then in early spring they suddenly burst from what looked like lifeless earth, green leaves that eventually send up a delicate flower stalk with the characteristic Blue Bells atop.




But it is a race to flower before the light is cut off and then for another year they die back to the ground and soon we would not know that they were beneath our feet.

Sycamore are amongst my favourite trees and they also add to springs glory with leaves that glisten and filter the morning light…


Humble leaves but as beautiful in my view as any flower blossom, changing colours as they develop into full grown leaves.


Early Morning….Allestree Lake

A lovely spring morning….but best make the most of it as the Weather Forecasters tell us that a VERY cold snap is on the way with the certainty of frost and the possibility of snow.  As always with the weather we will wait and see. 🙂

24th April

(C) David Oakes 2017


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