Old Roots…. Run Deep !


Still Standing Straight and Tall….

Old Roots Run Deep or so the old saying goes, how deep these roots go I don’t know…… but they are certainly clinging on to what ever they can get grasp of.

Apart from weathering by heavy winter rains over the years, I guess part of this erosion is also because the tree is standing alongside an old cart track that is still used today……no doubt adding to natures erosion.

25th April

(C) David Oakes 2017


7 thoughts on “Old Roots…. Run Deep !

      • The weather have proved to be an unstable factor these days. Here where I live we had snow agsain this morning, but for some reason the total depth is still approximately 3 inches. But I just read an article from ‘Brandbu’ (still in the low-lands about 350 feet above sea level) where the snow is now lying at a depth of 30-35 inches and the spring has so far been cancelled!

        • Another day and we still await that winter weather…true we have the bitter cold wind but it is still sunshine and blue skies (though we had a very brief shower that went as soon as it came….but no snow)

  1. Just imagine what this tree has seen and heard already. The wisdom is in these old trees. Fabulous photo of a GREAT tree, David. 🙂

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