They will soon be gone …..


A Feast of Spring Bluebells

We were impatient for Spring to make its move, despite a mild winter that added confusion to our plants and trees, Spring did suddenly appear with a rush.

Sadly for some of those harbingers of Spring there flurry into colourful life will soon be over for another year.  The Bluebells are already showing signs that their end is near.  The rich green fronds (leaves) that  for some time hid the core of the sparkling Blue flowers on their long slender stems, are now falling back dry and fading….soon they will be decay back into the ground to await a new year and a new spring.


Maybe we should look on this positively as whilst they are supposedly dormant under the surface the bulbs from which they come could well be multiplying.

So best take what could be a last look at our Bluebells for this year…


Oh!….and don’t forget to take a deep breath of their sweet woodland perfume.

27th April

(C) David Oakes 2017


4 thoughts on “They will soon be gone …..

  1. What a pity it isn’t smellovision… I remember that we could find them just behind the dunes in small woodland areas and they smelled like hyacinths. Therefore our common name for them was woodland hyacinths. Like the cultivated ones, this is the time for them to make place for more summer flowers. The wheel keeps turning. Even though Easter was colder than Christmas and now is also our Kingsday much colder than Christmas. And cold it is. Grey clouds, rain and sometimes hail in the Western provinces here but dry elsewhere. On this day people and mainly children sell what they don’t need anymore. From a year that it was much warmer:

    • That was an interesting fact…..selling what you no longer need and very much akin to “Spring Cleaning”. Bitterly cold again here, hard to think we have just enjoyed an early spring of record high temperatures.

      • Season seem a bit muddled up. But I have great hope for May. I may even bring better weather with me when I sail on the 14th. 😀

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