That is how the weather has been…


Borrowdale, below Black Crag and Maiden Moor, Cumbria

Well the past few days have been very different to the early spring when wall to wall sunshine and record highs were recorded.  At least it brought out springs new growth.

Now we are ‘enjoying‘ damp and cold weather with heavy cloud with just the occasional break to allow a shaft of sunshine to brighten up a series of otherwise dull day.

28th April

(C) David Oakes 2017


10 thoughts on “That is how the weather has been…

  1. Can you please use the weather you’re getting and don’t send us your left overs. Today we have snow – again!
    Fortunately it doesn’t seem to stay put but melts in contact with the ground – so far!

  2. Great photo but like Norway I would love you to use it up before sending it on? It’s below 10º with a cold wind from the NW. Winter clothes and gloves are necessary. But sofar, apart from some hail, there is no snow.
    Let us hope that May will be kinder to us than April was. According to my friend April was because of the black thorne in bloom. It’s also called Blackthorne winter. I am ready for spring now?

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