Spring is now in full swing…..


Time to Pause, Rest and Enjoy…..

The early bulbs that produced those first Spring flowers have now gone, the vegetation has become more lush by the minute and the next wave of Spring blooms are now providing yet another colourful display….

So lets pause and enjoy the scents and colours of Spring before they too fade and make way for summers spectacular.

4th May

(C) David Oakes 2017


3 thoughts on “Spring is now in full swing…..

  1. Envy you just now. Our spring is two weeks late. Went to osprey nest, and saw the birds, but not on the nest.

  2. This Northern wind doesn’t seem to want to stop. It makes it much colder that it should be right now. Our sea Eagles have decided to start familiies. One or two pairs up in the North and two pairs in de nature reserve of The Biesbosch. I hope the ospreys will soon start nesting.

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