Springs Colourful Bonanza……


Lea Rhododendron Gardens, Derbyshire

It is the beginning of May and Spring has picked up the pace and colour is now bursting everywhere. So it was time for our annual ‘pilgrimage’ to the Victorian styled Lea Rhododendron Gardens…and as always a real treat.  I do need to be honest and say that perhaps this season we have arrived when the garden is just past its pristine best.  Spring once started has bloomed at a great speed…..then we have just has some sharp frosts and high winds straight from the Artic and that effected some of the buds.


Not that we were really disappointed as there was still plenty of colour blooms, spritely green new foliage, shady woodland glades  and of course great Derbyshire landscape views.

So join us on a trip round the winding trails that help make this garden special…


Thankfully there are many well placed benches…just to pause and gaze


Lea Gardens are situated just south of Matlock and Cromford, Derbyshire. The area was once the heart of the Industrial Revolution.  The area then attracted many industrial entrepreneurs and it was one John Marsden-Smedley  that created these gardens in an old Gritstone quarry….created for his pleasure but a lasting legacy for all to enjoy.


8th May

(C) David Oakes 2017


22 thoughts on “Springs Colourful Bonanza……

    • Our long term forecast is giving two options. Apart from some rain at the end of this week we are heading for a drought this summer. Water levels in many areas worryingly low. Then the contradict themselves that we are in for a summer of heavy rains to recover from the dry spring ????? It has been odd. No frosts over the winter months then we get our first frosts at the end of April and the start of May. That has not helped the fruit blossom, reports of a poor fruit season to come. Farmers are also wanting rain as it has been too dry to set new seed and over wintering crops suffering from like of water. We as always, will see 🙂

      • Yes, we’ve had som irregularities too, but it’s not the first year that happens. April, is april! The month where anything might happen.
        Did you read Hawkings last interview? He feels humanity suddenly is short of time and that we need to leave Earth within a hundred years?! Before they have spoken about this pretty ‘laid back’ in a 1000 year span, but now it’s suddenly ‘only a hundred years’?
        What is it they have discovered now, I wonder . . .? ( I’m going nowhere! )

  1. I heard Hawkins and read it. Humans MUST stop the Global Warming. Not just normal civilians but mainly all big companies that only go for the money. They and all governments must adapt. I doubt it will hapen in my time.

    • I am far more concerned about the Global Multinational Companies that the damage humans do. As for experts….well when one considers all the expert advice that has dictated policy statements by governments and then seen just how wrong it has all been, advice that was based upon so called scientific research and studies but avoid applying any degree of common sense.

    • I can still smell it…..I also find it strange that not all those Rhododendrons have a scent (or a scent that I can detect) yet others it can be overpowering. Have to admit the Tea and cake on the balcony of the Tea room was also great. 🙂

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