Bits and Bobs….Here and There….


The Spring bulbs are now dying back to rest till next year.  It is that in between period where the more colour packed flowers of late Spring have yet to make their appearance.  The greens are loosing the fresh green shine and the woods are getting darker as the leaf cover thickens.


There are still one or two spots in our Big Wood where the Bluebells still flourish but even they are now past their best.


Elsewhere in the woods, around the Lake and in the garden there are signs of new life.  Canada Geese Goslings are now in the extended family groups. Ferns, Rushes Wigelia, Camassia Pin Head Daisies, Euphorbia, Marsh Marigolds, and even the humble Cow Parsley are saying hello and the Ceonathus is just a mass of Blue….but the humble Dandelion is now just seed


The evenings are now extending and it is fun to be out and about, maybe fishing or just lazing waiting for dusk to fall….


The end to a perfect day……


11th May

(C) David Oakes 2017


8 thoughts on “Bits and Bobs….Here and There….

  1. A splash of wonder, David! Here should be spring as well…and most of the migrating birds have arrived…to 6 degrees and a cold drizzle. Even hail yesterday. Enjoy your cheering me up!

    • Well no chickens are being counted here yet…….it is a strange year. Mild winter, very wet February, record high temperatures in March, April driest on record and may so far much the same. Add to all that our first frosts of the winter arrived at the end of April and continue some mornings in May. Only real down side has been the arctic winds so we do know what wind chill factor is. Now we are told we are about to have a drought unless rain arrives soon…..and yep, some forecasters tell us it is on the way. Birds arrived early and lots of young around. Flowers still haven’t made up their genetic time clock, some early others late. As always we wait and see what happens 🙂 .

  2. Good Afternoon dear David, I missed your beautiful photographs and also UK! How beautiful nature and gardens… Fascinated me as always. I loved this little house, I want too… maybe my love will make it for me. And I will paint. Thank you, it is so nice to be hear and to find you all again. Have a nice day and weekend, Love, nia

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