A Change in the Weather….but Spring is now well established


Spring sunshine in Big Wood, Allestree

After an early yet tentative start Spring, as is usually the case, is suddenly upon us.  Early morning Spring sunshine can still find its way through gaps in the ever thickening woodland canopy casting a warming glow and long shadows.

So far it has been a dry spring….that is about to change as heavy rain is forecast.  I guess that will just encourage an even lusher flood of vegetation to herald in the summer.

Bluebells a favourite harbinger of Spring may well have a short revival with the rains, even so their best display are now sadly but inevitably over.

So here is one last image of the 2017 Bluebell season…

Bluebells Derbyshire Bluebells

As for the promised rains…we will wait and see….

13th May

(C) David Oakes 2017