Silent Sunday…. So Off to Church


Saint Margaret’s Church, Cley next the Sea, Norfolk

St. Margaret’s is the Parish Church of the village of Cley next the Sea.  Once Cley was next the sea and a busy port for Norfolk, important for the agricultural in the surround county.  Today Cley overlooks the silted up river and the encroaching salt marshes… ships to see these days.

Like many of the churches in Norfolk and Suffolk it is a deliberately large building. Each village of consequence using its church as a symbol of its wealth. That wealth came from sheep (wool) and other agricultural activities from this fertile area of England.


St. Margaret’s dates back to 1320.  The massive outer doorway was added much later and adds to the already complex design of the architecture….and of course gives added stature.  Externally you can also see what remains of the now derelict north and south transepts…ruins they may be but they add some extra character to the church.  Ornate as the outside is the interior is very plain and simple, perhaps the wooden roof adding the most interest to the nave.


Construction is a mix of stone and of course Norfolk’s famous flint, ideal for surround walls and paths.

21st May

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5 thoughts on “Silent Sunday…. So Off to Church

  1. ‘Afternoon’, David. Just returned yesterday from my week in Hunmanby. Weather wasn’t too great but the warmth came from the people. As it always does there. Lovely church in your photo again. In this way I like the use of flint but I am not too keen when it’s used in houses. So has everyone their own taste. Last Thursday was beautiful but fresh. We went to Scarbourgh for a cone of icecream at the Sea front. 🙂

    • Sorry couldn’t arrange the weather (higher authorities took it into their own hands!) But I guess you still had a great time with friends (not to mention a Scarborough Ice Cream 🙂

      • Honestly? I cvouldn’t care less about the flippin’ weather. 🙂 It was a great week with The Over 60ties club, lunch at the Spring Cafe and the following day lunch just outside Hunmanby at a restored farm and from there to Scarborough and then Filey before going back. And I won Tuesday 9 domino games. No first price but pretty close. 😀

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