It is going to be ….HOT


Allestree Lake, Derbyshire

It has been hot for a few days and the forecasters reckon it is getting even hotter….and for us in the UK 31c and above IS HOT.

Dawn over the lake and even the ducks and geese seem to have gone into hiding.

Up in the woods it is just a little cooler…but at least full of Bird song…


Over the meadows the insects are just waking up for another feed, butterflies and bees making a ‘bee line’ for the Buttercups…


26th May

(C) David Oakes 2017


13 thoughts on “It is going to be ….HOT

  1. 😀 Your ‘old mum’ is right, David. We will hit the 30-ties and over tomorrow and on Sunday the first ‘tears’ will fall with the odd thunderclap. Outside the colours are amazing. The birdsong is slowly getting less already. I have seen you crows begging for food already. Very noisy but it’s making me happy. I am indoors with all locked that can be locked in the hope it won’t be too hot inside. But I love going out early in the morning when it’s still cooler. I have to cycle and walk every day. To keep the knees going. Our farmers, however, are begging for rain as it’s been too dry for too long a time. After a hot spell the rain and a thunderstorm are welcome. Just go outside afterwards and smell the air. One of my favouritse smells. Just like fresh mown grass is. 🙂 Have a great day you all.

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