The Fields are a Glow…..


Meadow Sweet….

Well I haven’t actually spotted any Meadow Sweet in these meadows as yet….but there is plenty of the other spring/summer flowers, herbs, colours and scents.

The bonus is that apart from one light shower we have so far avoid the torrential downpours that had been predicted… I guess we have done something right or just plain lucky

29th May

(C) David Oakes 2017

A Postscript to above…..

        Rain has now arrived, much needed by the garden and farmers but as it a Bank Holiday a trifle disappointing for those on a day off.  Forecasters say it could get heavy later but tomorrow, after a damp start, normal service should be resumed 🙂


8 thoughts on “The Fields are a Glow…..

  1. Beautiful again, David. Bit different overhere. I saw this morning the most spectacular cloud formations I believe I ever saw before. Whirling and waves of different colours tumbling over eachother. Some flashes in the distance but hardly any rain. It did rain elsewhere with hail. It’s calmed down and a school class are running in the park. Lovely sight all those bobbing red t-shirts… 😀

    • It is a Bank Holiday here today (and as is the norm it is now raining) … .and for our schools it is ‘half term’ holiday week. So if the forecast for the rest of the week is fulfilled then they should have a good time to make up for today. 🙂

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