Sunday…So off to Church or rather an Abbey


Buildwas Abbey, Shropshire

Idyllically located next to the River Severn in a deep Shropshire valley, Cistercian Monks built this Abbey.  Named after St. Mary and St. Chad it was completed around 1135. The lush surrounds were ideal for the Abbey’s agricultural activities.

Today it is a sprawling but dramatic ruin.  Apart from a tall Nave and various cloisters you can also discover high vaulted ceilinged under-stores.

But also look down as there are still areas with some fabulously ornate and surprisingly well kept tiled floors.

Life was not to be as peaceful as the surroundings suggest.  It’s location not too far from the border with Wales ensured that there were some turbulent times to endure.

But closure came along with a great many other Abbeys and Religious buildings on the Royal instruction of King Henry VIII, with the so called Dissolution of the Monasteries

4th June

(C) David Oakes 2017