And It Rained…and then Rained some more


Iris in the Rain

Well it had to rain sometime…and as gardeners and farmers have been saying ‘we need some rain’….. well today they certainly got some and maybe a bit extra.  After our mini heatwave and a fabulous weekend it came as a bit of a shock to the system.  Nor was Buster pleased about a wet walkies….still needs must.

5th June

(C) David Oakes 2017


6 thoughts on “And It Rained…and then Rained some more

  1. Good thing that sofar most of the rain must have fallen in England but the North Sea will load them up again. The clouds are racing through the sky. It is a ‘blustery’ day. Very blustary but sofar it seems to be going OK. Some dead branches and twigs hurled to the ground and that’s it. Sofar… For tomorrow we hope for less wind, less rain and my personal wish: a wee fresher please. No such luck… the weekend’s going to be warm again. I’ll send it North…
    Vær så snill, en gave til deg. (just looked it up). 🙂

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