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Burnham Overy Mill, Norfolk

I always wonder if we have really made any progress.  Once upon a time our industrial architecture was both practical and attractive, embraced wherever practical new materials and technology and in may cases included ‘social’ consideration for its workforce. There was style, a style that has endured the passing of time.

Burnham Overy Mill was first constructed in 1790…simple red brick, pantile roof and wooden loft.  It was powered by water being built over the River Burn which was diverted to form a powerful water source over which it straddled.


Not sure todays places of work will be as memorable or able to stand the passing of time. On our local industrial estate 20 years seem to be the maximum life span of the tin can buildings before they are demolished and another tin can built.

6th June

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    • No…I understand it was very much a design feature. The bridge was built before the Mill. The Mill straddles the water source that powers the Mill. The Loft was designed to be a ‘hoist’ …look under the loft in the top picture and you will see a trap door. A rope hoist was used to raise and lower materials and goods directly from a wagon or cart below up into the Mill. It was a style used for many years in many types of industrial buildings (in some there would be an archway under which a cart could be moved and the hoist lift goods in or out directly from the cart.)

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