Summer Time …….


At the moment the meadows are full of Clover or Buttercups a sure sign that summer is with us…hard to think that in a few days time it will be Mid-summer


Up in the woods the leaves still retain that bright spring green look, maybe the rains at the end of last month gave them a fresh lease on life….but it cannot be long now till that bright green turns to that much darker summer green…


Back in the garden those colours of summer are glowing be they big brash blooms or more dainty flower heads….

We have, over the past few days, been enjoying some record high temperatures….the skies have for the most part been cloudless blue.

Yet every so often we would get a bank of cloud appearing,  nothing odd in that, apart from each time that bank of cloud came, it had that well known appearance of a ‘mackerel sky’ and the threat of a new weather front….


Then just as quickly it would melt away to nothing….strange.

But then again that is the weather 🙂

18th June

(C) David Oakes 2017