Monday….. Back to work (again)

Blacksmiths Bench

The Blacksmiths Bench

Monday…..  so back to work again.  Rather glad it is not at the Blacksmiths bench, it would always have been HOT hard work but in our current mini heatwave it could be unbearable.

Enjoy your Monday….

19th June

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2 thoughts on “Monday….. Back to work (again)

  1. Have a wonderful day, all of you. Like Sue, I am staying indoors. And twice a day a small footbath of lukewarm water. It really helps, Sue. Also a wet towel in your neck can help a lot. 30º C…help! What I do do is drink a lot of lukewarm water. Not too cold! We need the extra water in our bodies. No cold food here as I am not allowed to eat raw veg anymore. It will be cookes. Not boiled! In the frying pan for a very short time. All the flavours remain in it. But you can stick oranges and tangerines and grapefruits can be stored in the frig so they will be nice when you eat them. Good luck all!

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