DP Weekly Photo Challenge – Transient


The Transient Wind

You, me and the kid next door, the country we live in and indeed the world itself is in a state of permanent transition.  In fact the only thing that is certain is change itself.

So this weeks Photo Challenge is Transient….and there is nothing for me more transient that then wind itself.  Gale or light breeze, its is hear one second and gone the next.  Sometimes it leaves us breathless, at times it may just cause us to shiver, its passing may cause the leaves to gently rustle…. at others time is may leave a trail of destruction.

Since times long gone, man has tried to harness the power of the wind and often found its unpredictable presence the weak point.

We continue to try to capture the power of wind and convert that power to a very useable electricity source…..but of course only when the wind blows!

That is the Transient nature of the Wind

Just my idea for this Weeks DP Photo Challenge – Transient

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Via Photo Challenge: Transient

Location:- On the edge of the Flow Country, Highland Region, North East Scotland

23rd June

(C) David Oakes 2017




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