Light and Shade……


Meadow Flowers and….


and Woodland Shade

The mid-summer sun has brought out the meadow flowers, lots of nectar for the Bees and insects….. but that same sunshine has sent me to the woods to enjoy a shady walk, shade much appreciated by Buster.


It is the time of year when the Bracken is perhaps at its best, as yet not to high but its bright green fronds spreading like a carpet…and yep there are some rabbits taking shelter under there. They are safe , Buster is far too hot to give chase.

Water adds another cooling element to the days walk.  Today along the overgrown towpath of the Cromford Canal…

Then its back to the open meadows and that summer smell of rich hay in the making…


25th June

(C) David Oakes 2017


10 thoughts on “Light and Shade……

  1. Idyllic. And still so green. So beautiful.
    The past month was way too dry and there are trees losing their leaves already. The gras looks like hay. But the temperatures are rising again towards about 23º C again. And our farmers do not get enough rain for the crops.

  2. I am heartily embracing summer, as are you, but I’m wondering about your reference to the “mid-summer” sun. Does summer start especially early in Derbyshire? Or is something of a time-warp in play there at the moment? Whatever, I especially like your first, intimate shot.

    • I think…last time I checked…that the summer solstice was the same for all in the northern hemisphere i.e. 21st June. In theory the daylight hours start to get shorter again from here on in. Though I guess I know what you mean…the best of summer always seems to be from here to autumn (and we will not mention that autumns now seem to arrive later each year) . But the last 2 weeks have been exceptionally hot for middle England (31c)

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