And it was WET…..


A lone Mute Swan in the Rain

Well they said it was going to rain…and it has.  The first drop of the wet stuff for a little while, they say the gardens need it and perhaps they do, but after the mini heatwave it does come as a bit of a disappointment and a shock to the system.

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So far it has not been the heavy downpours that the Weather Warnings were indicating, but listening to the midday news I guess others have not be so lucky

……. Outlook gloomy


29th June

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5 thoughts on “And it was WET…..

  1. You can share it with us, David. Trees are losing their leaves because of the draught. Farmers are notorious complainers as we know, but this time they are right. Forecast for Satuday: 90% rain. We’ll see. So please sent some over. We do need a lot more. 😀

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