NOT Impressed……


It must be tough work being a Costumed Tourist Guide trying to entertain a crowd of children on a very very hot day….. the expression on the little boys face says it all!

31st July

(C) David Oakes 2017


Sunday……. So off to Church (and the village of Holm)



Schleswig Cathedral

Towering above the tiny fishing village of Holm in Schleswig Holstein  is the cathedral of Saint Peter. As is the way the building was founded on an earlier church that dated back to 850… I understand this creation was started in 1100.  In keeping with the local tradition the Cathedral is built of  red brick….but brickwork into which a high degree of design that removes any chance of the exterior being described as bland.

Then once you step inside you are first amazed at the height of the domed ceilings and intricacy of the décor… a blend of stone, mosaic and ornate wood carvings, each arch hiding a new and dramatic view.



The village of Holm that surrounds the Cathedral is a mix of colourful cottages, all of which seem to have a rose or a geranium at the door…

Holm has one more surprise….and that is the village cemetery.  Owned and maintained by the villagers it is divided into separate areas all around its very own chapel….a special place for the villagers who keep the cemetery in pristine condition


30th July

(C) David Oakes 2017


Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge….


Step this way please…

Spotted on the back of a Tradesman’s van in Germany….a retake of the famous Beatles Abbey Road photo….

Just an idea for this weeks “Which Way Phot Challenge”. You can see what others have suggested at :-

29th July

(C) David Oakes 2017

Just a little sunshine……



Whilst we have been away on what was for the most part a very sunny holiday, the garden back here at home has obviously been suffering from a deluge or two. Much of the garden is showing signs of trauma and shouting out for some tender attention.

That is all apart from this Agapanthus which is looking healthy and basking in a little of the sunshine we brought home with us 🙂

But the day wasn’t over and the weather gave us another surprise….

 maybe this rainbow was a message of more good things to come…


Its nice to travel but nice to be home.

28th July

(C) David Oakes 2017




In need of a Holiday……You Bet


Glucksburg Castle

If you missed us we have been away, a short break taking in the highlights of northern Germany.  From Schleswig-Holstein to Bremen and much in-between.  So this is just a taster and I will bring you some occasional highlights (for us) of the trip over the next week or so.


The Majestic Schleswig Cathedral @ Holm


The Passages of Lubeck

DSC_7659_00050bb-ttThe Holiday resort of Travemunde

DOI_3456_00134bb-tt Traditional and intricate brick houses of Luneburg

DOI_3383_00061bb-ttDramatic skyline of Hamburg

(and the new Concert Hall)


The narrow passages of Bremen

DOI_3571_00044bb-ttThe Bremen Town Musicians

and we did as tradition dictates rub the nose of the Donkey and make a wish……a wish to return.

Now all we need is a holiday to recover from the past weeks activities!

27th July

(C) David Oakes 2017