It has been HOT……


Oh! for a little shade

The weekend has been as hot as the previous week….well 29c is hot for us here in middle England, and some folk have had 31c.

So walkies with Buster has seen us heading for the shade of the woods…..


On this particular walk we can take in a Tea Room.  Normally a Hot Coffee and Toasted Teacake is the order of the day…today its a cold bowl of water for Buster and Ice Cream for me.

But as the sign outside suggests it is a customers from a different climate that are expected…


Yep…Muddy Boots and Soggy Dogs welcome.

We always make a point of stopping, whatever the weather, as the Tea room is run by volunteers who help folk with learning disabilities.  It provides employment and gives them confidence and a sense of purpose…and it gives somewhere in the woodlands to enjoy some freshly made refreshments.

10th July

(C) David Oakes 2017


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