It Rained…….


Thistle and Rain

Rain and mist cloaked the lake this morning….our first rain for awhile.  They say we needed it and I suppose we do….. and it was rather pleasant to have a wet walkies with Buster, everything smelling fresh and so much cooler.

3 hours later we were wishing that the rain would vanish as quickly as it arrived.

It would seem that the Forecasters agree as they now promise sun tomorrow

11th July

(C) David Oakes 2017


4 thoughts on “It Rained…….

    • Blessing true….but those trying to erect the show didn’t think so, wading in mud, battling gales. Nor did those who tried to get to the show. We are only 30minutes away, our neighbour took over 3 hours to get there and park. I guess they are praying for good weather next year.

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