A Sad Day…..

Carla (2)


Yesterday we had to let Carla go.  After 15 years and 7 months as our Director of Greetings, old age has eventually taken its inevitable toll.

She will be much missed by all her friends from walkies in our park and of course all the visitors who she loudly but joyously welcomed.

God Bless Old Girl

4.1.2002 – 12.7.2017

13th July

(C) David Oakes 2017


45 thoughts on “A Sad Day…..

  1. So sorry David. My 17 year old doglet had surgery today, and I worried she might not make it through it. But she did, so she lived for another day. It will be a sad day when she decides to leave. These pets can steal your heart.

  2. I am so sorry, David… It’s heartbreaking when these wonderful creatures leave us. She was so beautiful and must have been a real joy. Keep her in your heart and in your memories.

  3. Aw, that’s tough, David! I’m feeling with you (for all its worth ) but I know how you feel now.
    But I trust you do have your other friend still with you?
    Will you be looking for a replacement? Or is it possibly too late in life?

  4. I am so sorry, David. You and your familiy will be missing her terribly. I know what it is to lose a dear pet even though they lived a long and happy life, like Carla has. And I understand why you will not have another dog. I never started again with ( in my case) cats and sometimes I miss all four of them very much. Grief lasted for me several months. It was a magical time with them and I know you and your familie, including Buster of course, must have had many magical moments with Carla. My very best wishes and a little scratch under the chin for Buster.

  5. Ah, dear David, what a sad day, you know I am still crying, we lost our Princess yesterday. You can understand my feelings too, But as you said, memories will be with us always they left us a great love great touch of our life… Carla and my Princess, both be in peaceful in their endless place. Thank you, Love and Hugs to you and to your families, nia

  6. So sorry David for your loss- That is one of the hardest things we go through as pet owners- We think they will be with us forever- Their unconditional love for us is just amazing- We can come home with the worst attitude and they greet us with waging tails- All I can say my friend is, their memories is what we take with us and all the quality time spent with them- I believe they do go to some special place were they all roam around watching us from way up there- I still cry from time to time when my best friends dog had to rest due to her stroke and old age- Alie was an amazing dog, she took part of my heart with her when she left, but those wonderful and beautiful memories will never be erased- Carla is roaming around with her and all the wonderful pups that made our life much happier!

  7. I’m so sorry for your loss. These doggies are the loves in our lives and do leave big holes in our heart when they are gone. Blessings to you and the family.

  8. So sorry to read you have lost Carla. They leave such a big gap in our lives……bet Buster feeling a bit lost too.

  9. I found that they really never leave you completely, David. Just look at their photo and they are back. Think about them and they are back. At least that’s my experience. Tom died in 1998. A long time ago already and I am still sniffing to stop tears from coming. Pooky was my first, then Eetan and then Fluffy and Tom. You wil never ever forget you loved ones. 😉

  10. I feel your pain, a week ago we had to let our cat, Kookarooch (The Beastly Beast) go, after 14 friend filled years. The sadness can be comforted by the love we gave them, and the fact that they knew they were loved.

  11. David, how sorry I am to know this. Sweet Carla…but she will live in your heart and soul for ever. And she had many good years in your family. I find the ache in my heart has not yet left…from losing my Mille. When I look at your lovely photo of Carla…I remember him again. Unconditional love – is more than in their eyes. A Must in My life .

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