In need of a Holiday……You Bet


Glucksburg Castle

If you missed us we have been away, a short break taking in the highlights of northern Germany.  From Schleswig-Holstein to Bremen and much in-between.  So this is just a taster and I will bring you some occasional highlights (for us) of the trip over the next week or so.


The Majestic Schleswig Cathedral @ Holm


The Passages of Lubeck

DSC_7659_00050bb-ttThe Holiday resort of Travemunde

DOI_3456_00134bb-tt Traditional and intricate brick houses of Luneburg

DOI_3383_00061bb-ttDramatic skyline of Hamburg

(and the new Concert Hall)


The narrow passages of Bremen

DOI_3571_00044bb-ttThe Bremen Town Musicians

and we did as tradition dictates rub the nose of the Donkey and make a wish……a wish to return.

Now all we need is a holiday to recover from the past weeks activities!

27th July

(C) David Oakes 2017



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