Sunday……. So off to Church (and the village of Holm)



Schleswig Cathedral

Towering above the tiny fishing village of Holm in Schleswig Holstein  is the cathedral of Saint Peter. As is the way the building was founded on an earlier church that dated back to 850… I understand this creation was started in 1100.  In keeping with the local tradition the Cathedral is built of  red brick….but brickwork into which a high degree of design that removes any chance of the exterior being described as bland.

Then once you step inside you are first amazed at the height of the domed ceilings and intricacy of the décor… a blend of stone, mosaic and ornate wood carvings, each arch hiding a new and dramatic view.



The village of Holm that surrounds the Cathedral is a mix of colourful cottages, all of which seem to have a rose or a geranium at the door…

Holm has one more surprise….and that is the village cemetery.  Owned and maintained by the villagers it is divided into separate areas all around its very own chapel….a special place for the villagers who keep the cemetery in pristine condition


30th July

(C) David Oakes 2017



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