A Schloss …… or Two


Schloss Glucksburg 

It was early morning when we visited the first of the two Schloss  that were on our itinerary for the day…so early that castle wasn’t as yet open, meaning it was just a quick photo stop.  A shame as it has much history attached to it.  Built between 1582 and 1587 by the Duke Johann the Younger and is still a family residence, that of the Dukes of Schleswig-Holstein.

So it was off to our next stop…


Schloss Gottorf

Built on the foundations of a medieval moated castle, Gottorf became the Palace of the Dukes of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorf.

Most of the building you can see today was built between the 15th and the early 18th century.  Much of the ornate frontage is down to the desires of Frederick III and his architects.


The front of Gottorf is enormous, towering above visitors, an imposing welcome. Yet this frontage hides its true size. For the castle is built around an inner courtyard, its height and mixed architectural size adding to the drama.

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Impressive as the exterior is you have to wait till you cross the threshold and enter the Palace Chapel which has to be a highlight of any visit….much of the décor is 15th century and in early Baroque style.  Carved wood and delicate painting create a unique place of worship….



Today Gottorf is Schleswig-Holstein State Museum and the largest in Northern Germany. The Gothic style rooms create a unique display for the treasures.  Not sure you can take them all in in one day it is just so large.  What created much interest for us were the many wood carvings.  Whilst we are not religious we have to admit that it was the ecclesiastical art, sculptures and carvings that were the most impressive…


The collection also houses the 23 meter long Nydam Boat….dated as being from AD.320 it predates similar Viking vessels by many centuries.  Discovered  lying deep in peat below Nydam Moor it was virtually intact…


So much to see and too little time…that was the problem and would only be solved by a return visit to Schloss Gottorf and its grounds…

1st August

(C) David Oakes 2017


9 thoughts on “A Schloss …… or Two

  1. Another gem. More than just one. I am preparing for different travels than I did up till now. I will miss my trips to Hunmanby but there is more to see. Both in Britain and in Europe. When May continues the way she does, I shall not be travelling to Britain anymore. She makes me feel unwanted and unwelcome.

      • It will. Thank you. It’s easy from here: Take the high speed train from Rotterdam to Amsterdam, board the ICT to Hamburg, stay there a fre days and travel onwards North. I am used to public transport and prefer it over a car to be honest. You meet the people of the country and that makes it wonderful.
        My friend Betty is 93 and according to what another friend told me she has fluid in, or behind her lungs. Last May was my last visit. I always stayed a day or 4 to 5 at the most. Next time I will book a room in the B&B as to not be a burden to her and visit just an hour or two. I can enjoy myself in Filey and Scarborough. That is… when she recovers. I have hope, that’s why the ‘when’ … But I also know the odds…

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