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Sorry…..Please excuse

We have been away, I am trying to catch up both with posting and reading.  Trouble is you are all so prolific that is seems to be taking an age to play catch up.  I often comment but mostly press the “like” button to show that I have read, viewed and enjoyed your blogs….. so please excuse me if I have missed you in the catch up process. It is possibly slower than the old postal service!

BUT…..I am getting there.

7th August

(C) David Oakes 2017


All too brief stop at Travemunde


A calm sunny dawn welcomed us to Travemunde.  A seaside resort and fishing village on the River Trave where it enters Lubeck Bay and the Baltic.

Our ship moored right on the water front in the middle of the town which just begged to be explored.  Sadly our time here was limited so here are a few of the highlights.

As an important shipping port for many centuries safe navigation into the port was vital, so it is not surprising that this is where you will find the oldest Lighthouse in Germany.




Dating back to 1539 it is brick built  and stands, with a slight lean, 39meters high.  Even though it is currently under restoration you can if you wish climb to the top…we gave that treat a miss, so we will take the word of others that there are 142 narrow twisting steps to the top.







Now for a flavour of Travemunde…

One tall ship that now has a permanent mooring here in Travemunde you cannot miss, it is Passat one of the long gone Windjammers.  But Passat is not as old as she first appears…none the less has an interesting and chequered history. Built in 1911 her cargo was mainly Nitrates from Chile. She and a sister ship were known as the Flying P-Liners….Passat means Trade Winds. Impounded in WWI she was later given to France as reparation. Sold into general trade she continued to serve the cargo trade for many more years.  Now a Youth Hostel and Maritime Museum her favoured good life continues.


We waved our good byes to the people and the friendly town as the sun dimmed for the day and headed off into the Baltic….


With a last look back on Travemunde, its beaches and the harbour lighthouse..


Open sea and a warm evening light over the Baltic filled us with anticipation of the next days cruising and destination…


Kiel Canal and Hamburg here we come…. (can you wait till Thursday)

7th August

(C) David Oakes 2017