Wordless Wednesday….Another Favourite Place


Location:   Evening at Oban, Argyll, West Coast of Scotland

9th August

(C) David Oakes 2017


One thought on “Wordless Wednesday….Another Favourite Place

  1. Lovely place it seems. But I never stopped over there. Maybe next time. Just last year I made a route description starting in Mallaig and on to Glasgow. The most beautiful traintrip I ever made. I also mentioned the fishing villages along the West Coast and Oban was one of them, of course. Seeing the photos I wondered what that building on top of the hill is. It’s a colloseum! http://www.obanargyll.com/mccaigs-tower.html
    In the near future I plan to do this roundtrip through Scotland again. Starting in York and up to Edinborough. From then this time the coastal route to Inverness. In 1984 I did the route via Aviemore. But what struck me most is the route between Mallaig and Glasgow. It’s phenominal. Have you ever done that route, David? By train, I mean? As you see so much more than from a car.

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