Slowly the Seasons Change


Mid Day and the shadows are getting longer…

Like it or not, nor we cannot fight against it,  here in the Northern Hemisphere the sun is moving southwards once again….so each day is just that little bit shorter and the shadows noticeably longer.

Apart from the shadows the meadows grasses are turning yellow, and the meadow flowers turning to seed.

In the hedgerow the Elder Berries are swelling and starting to develop their distinctive dark rich colour in clusters along red stems….


The colourful Himalayan Balsam may be consider an invasive specie, but in these days when they report that Bee populations are declining due to lack of food, then for me the Balsam appears to be a life line.



The leaf canopy in the woods remains dense allowing only a shafts of sun to reach the woodland floor.  In the young Silver Birch coppice it provides a dappled carpet of brightness into what would otherwise be a dark space…


Nearly the middle of August and the year moves on in readiness of the next seasonal change.

14th August

(C) David Oakes  2017


6 thoughts on “Slowly the Seasons Change

  1. As a child I was very fond of the three silver birches my dad had planted in the front garden. I loved the way the sunlight and the leaves played together. And it still makes me happy to see that. Now, I know that silver birches are giving to humanity more than ‘just’ happiness. In March the sap is both medicial and very tasty with good sugars as I believe.
    The elderberry’s full bloom is a bit over but the black berries are beginning to get black. I will ask the owners if I can take some as they are medicinal and tasty. But you want to cook them.
    Every season gives something useful for us, humans. I love the change from deep summer into autumn. Fresh nights, low fog on the fields in the morning, warm afternoons for a tea on a terrace. Mmm…
    And I love the Himalayan Balsam for it’s tall stems and beautiful flowers. I hope it isn’t invasive…

  2. I love this time of year because it foretells the comfortable temperatures of Autumn. Here, in Nebraska, it means I will be wearing cargo shorts and a jacket because we don’t give up our seasons easily! Ha!

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