Spring Tide


Skippool Creek, River Wyre, Morecambe Bay, Lancashire

A high Spring Tide floods into Skippool Creek and a low dawn light adds that touch of magic to an old boat on its even older moorings.

21st August

(C) David Oakes 2017


16 thoughts on “Spring Tide

    • There are a good number of old wooden fishing trawlers, all in different states of decay….most have been salvaged with a dream of reconstructing but the tasks do become so daunting the hulls are abandoned to the weather and time.

        • Yep. From the Skippool Hotel nr Thornton, there is a road that runs along to the creek and a Car Park. The whole length of the moorings is probably 1/2 mile in length, rough ,ready and rustic as I say but charming to explore, but easy walking. At very low tides the estuary is a mud flat alive with waders…..but at very high spring tides the water will lap around your car wheels in the Car Park! Winter is also a great time when there is frost on the ground. Google Earth Skippool for an ariel view

  1. Agree totally with the above posts. Just sit there and do nothing but let the time slowly go by. Listen to the birds in the ait and on the water. Hearing a fish jump out of the water and fall back into it. Hear the water babling against the hull of the boat and against the shoreline… mmmmm

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