September 1st……Another marker of the years progress.


In the Fields…or Glasshouse

Its Harvest Time


The Harvest started a couple of weeks ago in our part of the UK and is now in full swing. The Corn, Wheat and Oat fields are rapidly changing to stubble waiting to be ploughed back into the soil.  Fruit in Orchards and glasshouses is now ripening at a pace…a good harvest is predicted this year, so I guess our roller coaster weather hasn’t been that bad for farmers and growers .

Good news I guess…. but another marker that the seasonal change is underway.

1st September

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One thought on “September 1st……Another marker of the years progress.

  1. I love harvest time. When I cycle past a corn field that’s being harvested you can smell it. Not the big combine, but the earlty smell of corn en soil. The last Harvest fest we have is on the Autumn equinox on the 22nd. We call it Mabon.

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