The Blasted Oak….and a great start!


The Blasted Oak…a Skeleton

I have known this old Oak tree for over 35 years….it is of course very, very much older.  When we first became acquainted it still had a head of leaves.  Then a series of natural events occurred….first high winds stripped some major branches, then the following year lightening struck the trunk. It was in a sorry state and soon a black fungi took hold of the weakend trunk eating away at its core. Despite all that until about 4 years ago it continued to leaf each spring but then the leaves slowly gave up the fight.

It may only be a shadow of its former self but still a landmark on the skyline.

But what a Great start to September

Early morning at the lakeside was warm, tranquil and only just starting to show some signs of the progressing seasons…


The low early morning sunshine has a warm glow that adds to the freshness that seems all about us….


The Hay has now been cut and bailed and the fields bare once more


and after the hay has now been cut the hedgerows are now growing in importance for the birds and insects…somewhere to shelter but also somewhere to feed and prepare for the harsher times that will come…


September is sure to bring us a few surprises but one thing is for sure and that change is on the way.

2nd September

(C) David Oakes 2017