Silent Sunday….a Time to Relax


Sunday for many of us is a time to relax and put our feet up (well maybe not everyone and maybe not every weekend).  As the weather forecast for today is not that promising I guess a pot of coffee, some relaxing music on the CD player and a good book may just be the solution.

Sadly my Library of books is not as old, interesting and lavish as the Family Library at Alnwick Castle….  Oh for the chance to explore these shelves.

3rd September

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8 thoughts on “Silent Sunday….a Time to Relax

  1. Books, books, books… books everywhere. Have I gone to Heaven? 😀
    As for me today? The idea of music and a good read later today seems tempting… I might just do that. Here’s the music for you. Baroque: Enjoy. 🙂 Book will be part 4 of the trilogy by Mary Stewart about Merlin. This one is about Mordred.

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