False Dawn……


It was just kidding us….

We woke on Sunday to a rather nice warm looking dawn, just a few clouds scudding along in a mild breeze.  The forecast was for rather dire weather….could the forecasters be wrong ?   Well not this time.  By late morning and for the rest of the day it has just be dull grey and very damp…with heavy rain at times.

But best not to complain as we did have a great start and were able to take advantage before heading for home.

4th September

(C) David Oakes 2017



5 thoughts on “False Dawn……

  1. The low’s not moving quite as fast as expected? It does happen, but here in Norway the forecast says two weeks of grey and a bit unstable weather, The 2 last weeks of september are supposed to give us all dry and sunny weather with temperatures around 20 degs. (Summer!) How may we believe in a forecast like that?
    Usually they have a problem forecasting from one day to the next>?!

  2. Unsettled weather forecasted over here starting tomorrow afternoon. Temperatures on average 18º and loads of water… Well, we’ll see. It’s a good thing we cannot order the weather. 🙂

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