Full Moon….


Did you catch the Full Moon Last night ?

7th September

(C) David Oakes 2017


5 thoughts on “Full Moon….

  1. Not a glimmer of chance, <David! We've been havlign rain, rain and a bit more rain and a solic ivcerfcast for at least 3 days continuously. No moon! Yes, I know it's up there somewhere, but it can't bee seen from my part of the world.
    Today, however, a glimmer of hope and a slight yellow tint on the horizon . . .

  2. I did. And I am, as always, very glad to see her. This time I used my new and lager binoculars but sofar it’s nog yet mounted on my tripod. So I used the back of a chair. Bit wobbly, of course, but enlarged she’s even more beautiful. Next month the Photographer in the village said he would tru to fix it. And then all I need to do is put chair behind it, sit on it and just watch,

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