Not Quite a Black and White World…


Allestree Lake

Yesterday, Sunday we woke to the long threatened covering of snow.  Sadly no blue sky just a dark grey cloud that hung just above the tree level. Surprisingly it was not as cold as it has been, so I guess this snow covering will soon be long gone…gone probably before you get to read this page.

But it made a change for our mornings walkies and Buster, despite his short legs, just loves to run in the snow….for him the thicker the better.



Off Sledging…

Then and Now…..

It is hard to think back just two weeks when this low slung bow of Beech draped itself gracefully over the lake….now just the skeleton is left to catch a little of the snow….

and so the month moves on….it will soon be the Winter Solstice, then Christmas followed by the New Year and before you know it Spring will be back


11th December

(C) David Oakes 2017