New Year Greetings….2018


Have a wee Dram with me…Happy New Year

Below are the words I posted on this day, New Years Day 2017 

I guess they are just as relevant this New Year 2018

( I have simply changed the year)

With a Toast for your good Health and Happiness in 2018
But above all else in this world of uncertainty and unrest, please let there be Peace. Our children and grandchildren deserve much better from our Politicians. So it is my hope that perhaps in 2018 and from what ever side of the so called Political divides, that they do start listening to concerns and worries.

We for our part can strive for Peace in our lives, for our friends and families.

Finally thank you for following my Blog. For those of you who comment on such a regular basis, a special thank you for adding much pleasure to my life….I would miss your thoughts very much.

My very Best Wishes to you all

1st January

(C) David Oakes 2018





14 thoughts on “New Year Greetings….2018

  1. Reminds me the 25th of January is Robbie Burns Day! It’s the single day of the year a wee dram of single malt Scotch sounds good to me! Happy New Year’s to you, David!

    • I will be lifting a dram on the 25th, along with a diner of Haggis and Neaps. But I could not restrict my enjoyment of a Single Malt to just one night….. after all I need to find the perfect Malt, and its fun searching.

      • I’d have to be the only one celebrating RB Day, which is a complication beyond toasting with the single malt Scotch! Same with drinking Scotch during the year. It;s not a “by-yourself” thing to do. I do have a group of friends who periodically get together to deal with the issue of a proper single malt Scotch experience, though that brings up the complication of drinking and driving, which we manage to resolve. I agree on the finding the perfect single malt Scotch! Our little “club” buys a collective bottle of some fairly pricey ones, then shares it. One member has a liquor store, so makes an effort to bring in some pretty good ones!

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