A Little bit of Sunshine….and plenty of Water


Derwent Dam, Upper Derwent Valley, Derbyshire

Wednesday morning we woke to what we thought was going to be another wet, grey, drab day….but the forecasters suggested that we would get a touch of sunshine to the north of the county and later in the day.  So off we headed to the Upper Derwent Valley…..seemed a daft spot to aim for when one considers that it is one of the largest sources and storage areas of drinking water. The Ladybower Reservoirs is a network of linking reservoirs and Dams. It came as no surprise after the wet winter to find the dams overflowing. The Reservoirs themselves nestle in deep valley below the High Peak moors which in turn deliver the waters for the reservoirs via a multitude of streams, and rivers that seem to flow without fail even in dry summers…..only a real drought causes a hiccup in the supply.


Herdsman’s Bridge, Cranberry Brook

Cranberry Brook is just one of those ‘little’ streams that add their waters to the vast collection of springs around Howden Moor.


Slippery Stones, River Derwent

At Slippery Stones we are less than a mile from the source of the River Derwent, just a trickle that soon gathers some pace before flowing into Howden Reservoir the highest of this network.

_DOI5588bb Today the waters are very still, a calm and stillness that in this brief spell of sunshine is deceptively warm looking.  But make no mistakes it is still cold, nestling below the surrounding moors with slopes clad in woodlands  which in many January’s are normally draped in snow…but not today.  The bright spell lasted for most of the afternoon…sunshine and blue skies and one cannot complain…


The bonus day had to end and at this time of the year with such a low sun the day ends far too soon….but not before we have on last glimpse through Netherwood at Ronksley..



The perfect end to very much unexpected winters day.

( I should add that the River Derwent does not end its journey in these reservoirs.  The River Derwent flows from North to South right through the county of Derbyshire ending its journey at the Nottinghamshire border where it merges into the River Trent)

11th January

(C) David Oakes 2018


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  2. Buster isn’t like ‘Sir Ben’ (Tony Richardson), is he? Ben still often takes a swim in a tarn. Even with these temperatures. Ben’s growing old too. A grey muzzle and such. But as long as he loves to swim and anjoy great views he’s doing quite well. Hope Buster will too for many a year.

    • It is 6 months now since we lost Carla our Labrador and we are still looking round for her. Despite having a rather boisterous Buster for company at home and on walkies it all seems rather quiet. 🙂

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