DP Weekly Photo Challenge – Silence


After the Snow….

For me the only true silence is that special silence that immediately follows those heavy but soft falls of snow.  The air is still, the birds are still in hiding. and the snow itself seems to insulate you from any sounds.  If there is any sound it is that of your own footfall, stand still and it is still again.  True Silence.

Just my suggestion for this weeks DP Photo Challenge on Silence. See what others have suggested on this link:-


(Image from 2017. It is also in colour not Black and White)

18th January

(C) David Oakes 2018



Odd Couple of Days….


Weather warnings for severe winter weather and yep, in parts of the UK it has indeed been bad.  So far here in our little corner of middle England we seem to have missed the worst.  There was even some bright early morning sun, sun that cast long shadows but also had a hint of warmth in its colour.  After a string of dark, damp days this was certainly a very welcome change even if short lived_DSC9124bb



So if one chose the right window in the day you were rewarded with a great walk through the woods..

18th January

(C) David Oakes 2018