Hard Times….



When times are cold and hard and I cannot get enough insects and Hazel Nuts….then I just have to make do with raiding the Fat balls.

Please keep feeding the birds.

20th January

(C) David Oakes 2018


Just Another “Drab” Winters Day…..


We still cannot believe our luck.  Again we woke to another sunny winters day.  Reports of storm winds and snow abound….even snow close to us (8miles) yet our little corner of middle England has escaped.  But for us “drab” it is not. The sun gets richer each day and those afternoons are starting to stretch out with welcoming extra daylight hours.

The woodlands still have that winter look but you do get the impression that things are starting to wake up…



Fallow Deer sun bathing and grazing and a Heron doing its best to hide


It is of course those skeletons of trees contrasting with the rich brown of the dead Bracken that characterises these woodlands in January, the Bracken not having been flattened by snow or rain still stands tall.


The realisation that Spring is on the way is apparent these days, not by any new growth, but by the daylight hours starting to get a little longer each day…but even the best days have to come to an end…


It is days just like this that prove that Winter isn’t just Black and White….


A Veteran Oak

19th January

(C) David Oakes 2018