Quick…The Tide is Coming In!


High!….and so far dry.

Quick get that paint job finished…the tide is coming in.  A quick splash of paint for a well used fishing vessel obviously the pride and joy of this Fisherman and his wife.

Just a suggestion for this weeks Six Word Challenge.

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20th January

(C) David Oakes 2018




All are Safely Gathered in…..



The Drovers Trail, Hall Dale, above Dove Dale, Derbyshire – Staffordshire border

Derbyshire and part of the Staffordshire moorlands are very much sheep country and for a great part of the year these Dales would be home to grazing sheep.  But when the worst of the winter weather is due those sheep are ‘safely gathered in’…brought close by to the farm.  It will also soon be lambing time so best to have the Ewes close to hand.  The hillside left bare.

Whilst it seems strangely quiet trekking the old Drovers Road it does give the time to think that apart from the sheep missing on the hills there are now no cattle being driven to market, no Salt being transport by pannier laden ponies, no Lead and other minerals being taken for smelting. It could also be that this route as it crosses the border between Derbyshire and Staffordshire was also used to avoid Toll Roads.  Then of course there were people on foot and horseback going about their business….perhaps a hazardous route, maybe even a Highway Man!

Yep…taking the time to ponder the past, on a walking trail that is now strictly recreational, it is nice to reflect on what this now quiet and beautiful piece of countryside has seen in very different times.  Perhaps the only constant is the scenery, ever changing weather, the Dry Stone Walls…and once spring is here the Sheep and their new Lambs.

21st January

(C) David Oakes 2018