Moody Monday…Is this an April Fool Prank?


Well here we are, the last day of April……they have always said that April is the month of showers…..well today is like most days this month, it is raining and raining heavy.  Gales are also forecast so please excuse me if I think someone is playing a belated April Fools prank upon us.

I am just hoping that the 3 days of ‘real’ Spring we revelled in the middle of the month will be replicated, but on a more regular basis during May.

I also hope that we have some colourful floral joy to come….after all what is it they say,

“April Showers will bring forth May Flowers”

30th April

(C) David Oakes 2018


Silent Sunday……So Off to Church


St. Stephens, The Chapel in the Forest, Cheshire

High above Macclesfield Forest and on the very edge of the moors stands this rugged but beautiful little church.  It would appear isolated with only a Manor House, a couple of Farms and an Old School House in close proximity.  It was once one of three Chapels for this rural farming area known as Macclesfield Forest, now St. Stephens is the only one that provides a regular place of worship.

Dating back to 1673 and renovated in 1834, the simple rugged exterior with its saddleback roofed square bell tower is matched by an equally rugged interior…


Simple and practical, a stone flagged floor, solid oak beams are a contrast with a more delicate white wooden pulpit and simple alter behind which a Stained Glass window adds a hint of colour.  Simple though it is there is however a rather magical feel to the building and explains why folk still wish to be married here.

As mentioned St. Stephen is in an isolated location which is probably best illustrated from the graveyard with all its ancient headstones, each telling its own story…


Macclesfield Forest is the area of Rainow and Wildboarclough, that stands on the high ground to the south east of  the Silk Town of Macclesfield.  It is firmly and proudly in the county of Cheshire but is also on the very edge of the Derbyshire Moorlands and is within the Peal District National Park. So any inquisitive visitor will enjoy discovering this little historic gem but also a some beautiful yet vary varied scenery from wooded dales, many streams and then the open moors.

29th April

(C) David Oakes 2018



Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge – Two


Two Brick Arches and Two Pidgeon Boxes

This building is actually an old Blacksmiths Worksop in the Stable Yard of a old Estate ….. illustrates that despite the utilitarian aspect of the buildings they were still well built by craftspeople who took pride in their work.

(As the Pidgeon Boxes are very old I thought I would use the old English spelling of Pigeon)

Just my idea for this weeks Black & White Challenge.  You can see more on this link:-


27th April

(C) David Oakes 2018


Spring isn’t All Blue……


As Spring starts we move through varying colour waves, white, purple, yellow and of course blue.  At this time of the season Blue does tend to be the dominant colour particularly in what has been bare woodlands…. and right now the Bluebells reign supreme under the new green leaf growth.


But Blue isn’t the only colour to make its mark on this April days, days which can at one moment give us warm sun and clear blue skies…. then the next dark foreboding clouds bring those famous April Showers.  It is a real mix of weather, contrasts and colour but that is an English Spring when woodlands and gardens come to life…. and it can all happen in just one April day

Spring and April in England… that’s why we love our country

27th April

(C) David Oakes 2018