Two Seasonal Firsts…in the Garden




Edelweiss more at home on a summer Alpine meadow in Switzerland than a little corner of our Derbyshire garden.  The sunny spell has encouraged it into is first showing this year….apart from its diminutive size it is difficult to photograph as it only opens its petals in bright sunshine and as we know white and sun don’t easily go together well.

We also have our first Rose bloom this season and again it may be only small (about 1inch across but it is out bright and beautiful the first on what we hope will be many more to come…


Early summer Clematis and rich Blue Ceanothus also make an appearance…


We are not precious gardeners….our philosophy has always been if it likes our garden it will grow if not we will try something different but more importantly if strangers self seed from the wild we don’t discourage them….they never last for long but they bring some different and welcome colour and texture whilst visiting us, and they must like the welcome as they often return..


But we will leave you today with perhaps memories of “The Sound of Music”   que Julie Andrews

Edelweiss.. Oh, Edelweiss…


21st May

(C) David Oakes 2018