Silver Birch in Snow

Cee’s Fun Challenge this week is COLD.…. to be honest I cannot yet get into the mood for the theme.  After a record long hot summer and an autumn that is still reluctant to depart you can perhaps understand my reluctance.  I admit that now we are at the end of November the comparative daily temperatures do feel colder but, and it is a big BUT we haven’t even had a proper frost….only one sprinkling that disappeared before most folk were up and about…. and no ice to scrape from the cars windscreen.

So to try and get into the mood I have decided to look back to winters past.


You can see how others have chosen to interpret this weeks challenge on Cee’s link:-


29th November

(C) David Oakes 2018


9 thoughts on “CFFC….. COLD

  1. Beautiful photos! We had an unusual summer and autumn as well, but cold has arrived. Not only have we had several frosts, but we’ve received two snowfalls so far too. I do like the cold weather though much better than that stifling heat and humidity.

    • DT may be the most outspoken against Climate change… and whilst other Governments talk the talk, it doesn’t get turned into actions. The current climate conference in Poland seems to be heading nowhere.

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