Just Another Spring Day….. and each one is getting better.


April started with some wild winds, these moderated, remained persistent and turned very cold.  We did though get a good deal of sunshine and in the sheltered areas the thermometer reached 16c….not bad for the start of April.


It is that change over period of Spring.  Early Blossom is fading and late Blossoms are just bursting. The winds have caused some problems for the Magnolia who are dropping the majestic waxy petals too soon. Daffodils are all but gone whilst Bluebells are starting to show. Tulips are full out, even those where the petals have fallen show a different character.  Marsh Marigolds by the lake and Wood Anemones beneath the trees…who in turn are now starting to show their leaves.  The Birch is the first, but Poplar, Chestnut and even some Oak are on the way…. some leaves bright spring green with others like the poplar a greyish white, their green is yet to come.

  Our new Bridge in the Park is settling in and wetland planting will soon be possible to complete this renovated waterway.


12th April

(C) David Oakes 2019


11 thoughts on “Just Another Spring Day….. and each one is getting better.

  1. I’m with Mama’s Empty Nest, David: Your images are all (always!) beautiful. But that last one practically carries me into the frame. Just gorgeous!

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