Refreshing….. A Bright Start to Friday


Early Morning and a clearing sky over Allestree Lake

A refreshing change…. after what has seemed like a period of none stop rain with dark grey skies drifting, it would seem, lower each day. Yes, a morning when we wake to sunshine.

It is now past mid October and the long anticipated autumn colours have yet to show across the woodlands. At the moment it would seem we have more leaf fade than real colour change…. I hope we do get that burst of autumn colour.  It works as a vitamin boost for the system prior to the darker days of winter.

18th October

(C) David Oakes 2019


Even on Dark Days there is some brightness


We have been ‘enjoying’ far too many dark and damp days.  Even so, there are those areas that provide a touch of colour and brightness to any day. Autumn colours have yet to make there usual dramatic displays…. and now one begins to wonder if this year we will be treated to a full autumnal display.

So we make the most of what we have…


17th October

(C) David Oakes 2019

Art…. But will it Save Lives ?


The Knife Angel

A very creative piece of Art is paying a short visit to Derby as part of a tour round the UK.

It is located in the shadow of the Tower of Derby Cathedral.

Known as the Knife Angel, it has been sculptured from thousands of knives and blades. The knives themselves have come from ‘amnesty bins’ collected from across the Country, bins where people were asked to deposit these potential weapons.

Artist Alfie Bradley and the British Ironwork Company created the sculpture as their contribution to increasing awareness in Knife Crime. The aim being to help combat Violence and Aggression.  Knife Crime across the UK has been very much on the increase, many initiatives are in place and the focus of much Police activity.  The Knife Angel is hoped to be a passive expression of hope that the problem can be overcome.


The Knife Angel has certainly attracted the crowds.  It is a spectacular and dramatic Sculpture.  Listening to the crowds whilst the majority were in awe and full of praise it wasn’t to everyone’s liking.

As for my view…. well it certainly has to be praised for the creative skill and the drama it creates.  But…and this is the BIG but…. whilst it attracts the crowds, creates a great deal of discussion, I do wonder if it will attract those, predominantly young folk, who carry knives and commit knife crime…. will they understand and absorb the message.

I guess even if it saves only one life of another youngster it will all be worthwhile.


15th October

(C) David Oakes 2019