A Jewelled Carpet…..


Well we really cannot complain, the prediction is that winter will arrive from our friends in Europe later today. But right now we can continue to enjoy the autumnal colours.  They were late in arriving but have been a real visual feast since.

Nor has it just been the woods that have been enhanced by the colours, the lakeside too has been magnificent and an added pleasure to the Pike Fishermen.

So I guess its out with the fleeces and thermals and wait to see what nature actually delivers over the next few months…..and without any doubts we do need some rain. At least over the darker winter months we have the memories of a record breaking summer and a fabulous late autumn…


20th November

(C) David Oakes 2018


Weekend Gold……..


From dawn till dusk it has been a fantastic weekend. The rich glow of the autumn leaves is everywhere.  Nor is it at the moment cold, we have an unseasonable warm spell, which makes tramping through the woods even more enjoyable…and the smell as you crunch your way over the golden carpet is stimulating even though you realise that it is the signal that winter is on the way.

The low angle of the sun remains with us all day which only adds to the golden glow of autumn.  Clear skies meant a swift temperature drop at days end and with it a mist start to form. Swans on the lake basked in late afternoon sun and the shadows once again extended adding there own character to the day.





As dusk fell, the shorter days suggested we should reluctantly make our way home.  But the setting sun made sure we waited till it faded away…perfect


19th November

(C) David Oakes 2018

One Week on…..

The Beech Trees lost all there leaves during this week. Last Sunday my favourite Silver Birch was still in leaf…this Sunday whilst most have gone it stubbornly hangs on to a few.  For a tree that normally drops first…that ain’t bad.

18th November

(C) David Oakes 2018

Time for the Oak to Glow….

Golden Glow of the Autumn Oak

For Several weeks now the Beech Tree’s have been the colour star of our autumn…but overnight on Wednesday they dropped there leaves on mass. So step forward centre stage the Oak. The Oak is the last in our woodlands to adopt its autumn colour and the last to drop any leaves.  In fact some varieties of Oak hold onto the golden leaves that turn a rich brown until spring…those leaves act as protection for the new buds that are forming, once those buds start to swell in spring they will push off those leaves

So for now lets just enjoy those richer glows of the Oak, in a woodland that is becoming increasingly bare. The late afternoon sun was so enticing that we set off for the last walk of the day.  The sun of course was low, casting long shadows, and by the end of the walk as dusk fell, the evening glow lit up the high tops in its own warm glow.

So join us on the afternoon stroll…

Then turning our backs on the woods we basked in the last of the afternoons light, a bright finish to what may well be the last of these fabulous autumn days…

16 November

(C) David Oakes 2018