Just a little more Autumn to enjoy….




A Bonus Autumn day….November 10th and at midday its a warm 14c…. no complaints.

10th November

(C) David Oakes 2018


And the sun shone thru….

Sycamore - Copy

Skeletons of Autumn..

Well the sun did break thru the clouds….only for brief moment or two, but enough to provide an X-ray view of this Sycamore Leaf.

Even in moments of decay Nature is rather wonderful 🙂


8th November

(C) David Oakes 2018


A November day….


Yesterday November 1st started rather damp and dull.  There was a hint of colour in the sky but little sign of promise.  Overnight the Ash trees have dropped there leaves, I guess yesterday mornings frost, the first this season, helped them make up there minds…..now just majestic skeletons. I suppose for the time of year we need to expect more mornings like this.

By lunchtime the day had gone through a remarkable change and that sun we have been able to take for granted returned, even though it was a tad chilly…. the Lakeside looked fabulous


Those elusive autumn colours are becoming more dominant. I still think we are going to have a mass drop before they all change to into there autumn colours.  Green is still dominant but the Chestnuts are setting the autumnal trend..


Nice though to enjoy a warmish and sunny November afternoon….not a bad start to the 11th Month.


2nd November

(C) David Oakes 2018

Just another Autumn day….


Our first frost of the season…  it was though only a very light dusting and soon evaporated into what was another ‘Bonus’ autumn day.  More colour is now apparent but the green of summer, whilst fading, is still a dominant phenomena. It has, and is, an Autumn that has not been following the usual pattern… the oddity of some trees just striped bare,  others bright green and heavy in leaf whilst others are now changing to the familiar autumn gold, brown and reds. Autumn is late and I am even more convinced that we will probably move straight into winter…


30th October

(C) David Oakes 2018

It might well be colder…but summer is still here !


Shipley Woods, Derbyshire

Sunday October 28th…the clocks were adjusted backwards last night, so this is the first of the shortest days. Yep, we are going to have to get used to less daylight as this year progresses into winter. Cold as the morning was, it was just great to get, out stretch the legs.. and of course walk Buster.  Nor were we alone as lots of folk were out and about taking advantage of what has to be some ‘bonus’ weather. Crunching through dry leaves and breathing in those distinctive autumn smells.

I say Bonus weather for over the last few weeks it has been much more like summer than autumn. True there are more signs in the woods that autumn is here, but there are also lots of trees that are still not prepared to give up on summer….a great blend of Green, Red and brown…



The storm that past thru thankfully did little damage.  In this part of the Beech wood this broken bow the only real casualty.


A very mixed picture of autumn and very selective in its arrival. One Beech tree can drop all its leaves overnight, others are still green.  No matter it is a great time of year to be able to get out and enjoy these lovely sunny days….it is an inescapable fact that soon all will be bare, probably damp, certainly dark and maybe at times even white…well it does feel cold enough to snow!  Meantime lets just enjoy what we have…


29th October

(C) David Oakes 2018