It was to be Expected….but still something of a surprise.


November Frost and Mist…

November the 6th and the first frost of the year…  and with it a low swirling mist. It was only a shallow frost and sadly, by the time I had my pants, fleece and boots on plus getting on the outside of a coffee, the frost has all but disappeared.

Despite my slow start it was still a fantastic morning to be out in the with Buster. The mist had vanished over the Lake and replaced with a rich autumn glow…


The Frost does seem to have started the change in colours we were hoping for, with long shadows and rich colours plus the sweet smell of decomposing leaves it was a great ramble through the woods and parkland….so join us on our spirit lifting morning….

 So I guess autumn has arrived….


7th November

(C) David Oakes 2017


November the 6th ….And All is well….


Well…November the 5th has come and gone.  Guy Fawkes has been remembered once again for the failed Gunpowder, Treason, Plot and yes, the Houses of Parliament are still standing… its just the media that are planning its downfall!

The best part of the 5th was that it dawned to a bright warm sun.


The low sun ignited the colour of the bracken that has now dried and dying back, sweet chestnut leaves litter the woodland floor….presenting a rich colour packed carpet.

Still not sure that we will enjoy the usual feast of autumnal colour.  The Silver Birch, normally bare skeletons by now, are draped with dry yellowing leaves, Beech are just turning but for the most part leaves are still green but dry waiting the next frost or wind to speed there fall to the floor….


By the Lake the Poplar are now naked, gone are the leaves that in previous years have given us a wonderful golden glow across the Lake…


Best not to complain, with temperatures reaching 12c and rich blue skies it has been a ‘bonus’ November day.


6th November

(C) David Oakes 2017

A new Month….November starts rather well


A hazy but bright sun to start the 1st day of November and still plenty of leaves to filter the light with a warm glow. But it is noticeable that the woodland floor has a thicker carpet of leaves.

1a_00081_DSC8264bb - Copy

1a_00078_DSC8259bb - Copy

Autumn has been late arriving here, apart from the exotic trees, the leaves are only just turning.  Fungi have also been hiding away but at last some are starting to appear…


By late afternoon the sun did eventually burn through the haze   and great end to a near perfect day…


1st November

(C) David Oakes 2017


First Frost….or so I am told


I am told we had our ‘first’ frost of the season….well ‘I am told’ is the operative phrase, by the time my eyes had opened to welcome the new day, the frost had gone.

Mind you it did leave a legacy of a wonderful calm sunny morning down by the Lake

But beware…

things are afoot in the woods.

Yes, its Halloween so best not to go down to the woods tonight as you don’t know who might be hanging around


At least someone has place a few offerings to placate the ‘spirits’


Go carefully tonight

31st October

(C) David Oakes 2017


A splash of Sunshine….


After our mini wet spell it has been nice to enjoy some late summer sunshine…I say late summer as whilst those hints of autumn colour still tease us the trees are still mostly in green leaf.


That leaf cover is still so dense that the morning sun struggles to reach the woodland floor, just splashes of warm light whilst the sun is still low in the sky.


It is Chestnut Trees (both the Horse and Sweet) that have dropped their leaves…perhaps they have been suffering from a leaf disease that has been effecting some Chestnuts.  A grub eats the leaves from within, they dry and drop….of course once on the floor the dry leaves do give you that autumnal feeling.

27th October

(C) David Oakes 2017