The Old Blacksmiths Bench

Long since abandoned but still a fascinating glimpse into the working life of past generations.

A simple array of tools that hides perhaps the skill of the Blacksmiths craft.

My suggestion for Cees Fun Foto Challenge topic of Tools.

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7th November

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CFFC Fun Foto Challenge….Where people live (or lived)

The Smallest House, CONWAY

The Smallest House in Wales and Great Britain

Standing on the Quay in the shadow of Conwy Castle is this very tiny house.  Squashed between a terrace of houses, overlooking the Conwy Estuary, this house and its neighbours were once fishermen’s homes

This one does have the honour of being the smallest house in Great Britain (and endorsed by the Guinness Book of Records) consists of only two rooms, one up one down….. and only 1.8 meters wide.

Built in the 16th century it was lived in until 1900’s.  The last owner was a Robert Jones,  a local fisherman, was rather tall.  Standing at 1.9 meters high he had to stoop in the rooms and curl up in his narrow bed. But in 1900’s the local Council made the decision that the house was unfit for human habitation.

So there you have a little of the history….now it is a ‘tourist attraction’ and worth a peak inside.

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31st October

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge…Transport


Going Nowhere

Going Nowhere…..

Once a profitable Fishing Boat, no doubt earnt a good living for several generations of Fisher Folk…. now high and for the most part dry!

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25th October

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Music



It’s All Wind……

Creating music can be a joint undertaking as with a Brass Band

on the other hand it might just be a lonely affair…


and simply ignored by the crowds…


But the Band played on as they sailed away…


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23rd August

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Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge – Week 4 B&W Lines


Skeletons….On the March

Just an idea for this weeks Fun Foto Challenge.  Go and see what others have suggested and join in…..its fun!


14th August

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